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PhD Opportunities

This lists details the PhD projects that we are aware of. They are by no means exhaustive and the institutions listed, and others, may well be offering additional projects. Further details for many of these projects are already available on institutional websites. Note that application deadlines can be as early as January, and interviews usually take place during the period January-April.

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Institution: University of Manchester
Supervisor(s): Dr Russell Garwood Dr Robert Sansom
Funding Status: Funding is in competition with other projects and students
Description: Macroevolution occurs over time spans of millions of years. Two approaches can be taken in identifying and understanding macroevolutionary patterns and processes - empirical and theoretical. For example, the mode and tempo of evolutionary change can be investigated using phylogenies of living and extinct species, and through computer simulations replicating evolution in digital organisms/species. These contrasting approaches are complementary, but each has limitations: empirical data contain biases (fossilisation, for example), whilst by necessity simulations are highly simplified. More information...
Expiry Date: Sunday, January 30, 2022
Institution: University of Leeds
Supervisor(s): Dr Alex Dunhill (University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment), Dr Kevin Page (Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter), Matt Williams (Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution), Dr Andrew Newell (British Geological Survey)
Funding Status: Funding is in competition with other projects and students
Description: The Toarcian Stage of the Lower Jurassic marks a period of extreme environmental perturbations, including changes to the global carbon cycle, rapid warming to ‘hyperthermal’ conditions, and increased continental weathering and run-off. These events have been linked to the eruption of the Karoo-Ferarr Large Igneous Province in the contemporary Southern hemisphere. More information...
Expiry Date: Sunday, February 27, 2022
Institution: University of Hull
Supervisor(s): Dr Bryony Caswell, University of Hull Dr Krysia Mazik, University of Hull Dr Can McGuire, British Antarctic Survey Prof David Bond, University of Hull
Funding Status: Funding is in competition with other projects and students
Description: This project is part of the NERC Panorama DTP Background to the project: Natural ecosystems are fundamentally changing due to the expanding footprint of human activity, this is leading to deteriorations in ecosystem health. The expanding global population will exacerbate these pressures, which are now undermining the functioning of ecosystems and our access to the ‘ecosystem services’ on which we depend (e.g., our food supply, flood and storm defences, recreation and climate regulation). More information...
Expiry Date: Saturday, March 5, 2022
Institution: Durham University
Supervisor(s): Dr Martin R. Smith (Durham University) Dr Tom Nye (Newcastle University)
Funding Status: Funding is in competition with other projects and students
Description: 500 million years ago, life on earth was fundamentally transformed by the geologically rapid emergence of complex animal-dominated ecosystems. This ‘Cambrian Explosion’ permanently altered the dynamics of biology and geology on a planetary scale – but what evolutionary processes led to the sudden dominance of macroscopic organisms, and their concomitant interactions with the oceans, sediment and biosphere? More information...
Expiry Date: Monday, March 14, 2022