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Early View

Palaeontology (Journal) use the Wiley Early View service which presents full-text, peer-reviewed, copyedited articles as soon as they are complete, before the release of the compiled print issue. Articles are posted following receipt of the author's corrected proofs. They include all figures and tables and are fully citable. Every Early View article carries an online publication date and a DOI for citations.

Since Early View articles are fully integrated within Wiley Online Library a pay subscription may be required to access the full article text. Members of the Palaeonolotogical Association will need to login to their user account to gain free access.

Current Early View Articles

Article: Ontogenetic trajectories of septal spacing and conch shape in the Late Cretaceous gaudryceratid ammonoids: implications for their post-embryonic palaeoecology

Version of Record online: 20 January 2022
by Yoshitaka Kawakami, Naomi Uchiyama, Ryoji Wani.

Article: Diversification dynamics of cheilostome bryozoans based on a Bayesian analysis of the fossil record

Version of Record online: 04 January 2022
by Farideh Moharrek, Paul D. Taylor, Daniele Silvestro, Helen L. Jenkins, Dennis P. Gordon, Andrea Waeschenbach.

Article: A new proteid salamander (Urodela, Proteidae) from the middle Miocene of Hambach (Germany) and implications for the evolution of the family

Version of Record online: 22 December 2021
by Loredana Macaluso, Andrea Villa, Thomas Mörs.

Article: A new solution to an old riddle: elongate dinosaur tracks explained as deep penetration of the foot, not plantigrade locomotion

Version of Record online: 08 December 2021
by Jens N. Lallensack, James O. Farlow, Peter L. Falkingham.

Article: Palaeohistological inferences of resting metabolic rates in Concornis and Iberomesornis (Enantiornithes, Ornithothoraces) from the Lower Cretaceous of Las Hoyas (Spain)

Version of Record online: 08 December 2021
by Jorge Cubo, Angela D. Buscalioni, Lucas J. Legendre, Estelle Bourdon, Jose L. Sanz, Armand de Ricqlès.

Article: Postcrania of Borealestes (Mammaliformes, Docodonta) and the emergence of ecomorphological diversity in early mammals

Version of Record online: 01 December 2021
by Elsa Panciroli, Roger B.J. Benson, Vincent Fernandez, Matthew Humpage, Alberto Martín-Serra, Stig Walsh, Zhe-Xi Luo, Nicholas C. Fraser.

Article: Human face-off: a new method for mapping evolutionary rates on three-dimensional digital models

Version of Record online: 28 November 2021
by Silvia Castiglione, Marina Melchionna, Antonio Profico, Gabriele Sansalone, Maria Modafferi, Alessandro Mondanaro, Stephen Wroe, Paolo Piras, Pasquale Raia.

Article: Slow and fast evolutionary rates in the history of lepidosaurs

Version of Record online: 10 November 2021
by Jorge A. Herrera-Flores, Armin Elsler, Thomas L. Stubbs, Michael J. Benton.

Article: Validating marine Devonian biogeography: a study in bioregionalization

Version of Record online: 08 November 2021
by Elizabeth M. Dowding, Malte C. Ebach, Evgeny V. Mavrodiev.
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